Affordable Web Design

5 Essential Skills Your Affordable Web Design Should Have

freelance elanceIt is hard to get an affordable web design in today’s competitive freelance world. Finding competitive web designers who will deliver quality content is a fierce challenge. A professional web designer possesses more than just web page coding skills. This article will look at 5 essential skills that will help you discover the right web designer for your business.

Knowledge of Coding Languages

Coding language is the main hub of web designing. Coding is one of the most important skills that your web designer should have and it includes HTML, JAVA, and C++ & CSS. However, some web designers outsource the actual coding by putting their signatures on it, despite knowing its importance. This practice can ruin a web designer’s credibility; make sure that your designer is actually proficient in one of the coding languages if not all.

Moreover, it is important that your web designer understands the applicability and accessibility of XHTML & CSS as these are essential and fundamental tools in web designing. Some other coding skills include:

  • Knowledge of PHP environment
  • Knowledge of MySQL databases
  • Experience with WordPress customization and Flash
  • Strong Javascript or JQuery skills
  • Substantial copywriting skills such as the ability to make landing pages, headlines, copy, etc.
  • Experience with digital photography and digital image/video editing
  • Strong Typography skills
  • Photoshop Skills

Another important skill that your web designer should have is Photoshop. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop or other software allows your web designer to create graphically enhanced websites.

A Team Player

A good web designer needs to be an effective team player. Affordable Web designing does not happen in a void; usually a web designer has to team up with other designers to build a site. Your web designer should be able to handle himself within a team, he should be able to subdue his ego and listen to other team members. After all his main goal is the creation of compelling website for your business.

Moreover, your web designer should be a good listener and should be able to work with different clients and must be able to solve a variety of problems that come with the job.

SEO and Creative Skills

Creativity is a heart of web designing. SEO and creativity go hand-in-hand when it comes to web designing. Your web designer should be able to think critically (out of the box thinking) to bring innovation in your designs, while incorporating SEO knowledge in the content so your site draws more customers.

Unique Signature Style

In order to stand out from all other web designers, your web designer needs to have his own signature style. This signature will help customers recognize your distinguishing website. All experienced and successful web designers have their own distinct signatures, make sure that your designer has one too.


You need to look at many areas while making a decision about employing affordable web designer. Your web designer should deliver affordable yet high quality designing. The above-mentioned skills will help you determine the right web designer for your job. Remember to mention these skills in your job description so you can find the right designer for your business.