4 Tips to Hiring a Good Copywriter

freelance copywriter elanceThe basic job of a copywriter is to write a copy (text) to persuade the end customer to buy a product, service or business. Simply put, a copywriter is a sales representative that you hire to make your product popular. It is therefore of utmost importance that you choose this person with due diligence and care! So how do you know you have the right person sitting across you at the table? Well if the answer is yes to the following list of questions, than you are surely on the right track.

Is the copywriter asking questions?

One of the most important determinants of a good copywriter is their ability to understand the product they are expected to sell and if they are interested in knowing more about the product. One of the easiest ways to gauge this is the interest they show in wanting to know not only the product but also its story. Therefore, if you get the feeling that the copywriter is screening you more than you are screening the copywriter, you probably have a good chap on your hands. Of course, this does not apply to an individual who asks you questions for the sake of asking questions.

You are not their first real client

It is indeed noble to give new talent a break but when it comes to finding a good copywriter, please make sure to find out that they have sold something. Not having any real clients can be used as a parameter to gauge their skills. There could be a multitude of reasons but the bottom line is no one wants to do business with them for a reason.

So make sure you know the copywriter of choice have actually conducted business and request them to share this info along with samples of their work so you know what you are getting into.

Are they creative or do they have the necessary skill set?

Too many people consider copywriting to be an artistic job that requires creativity. Indeed the work needs to be presented in a creative if not innovative manner but copy writing is a skill. Are they aware of the fundamentals of marketing, do they know what constitutes a good design, what is their understanding of methodologies as well as what media do they specialize in. revising headlines, editing, redoing and generating ideas are all a part of the work a copy writer needs to be able to do.

Do they have experience of working in a team?

Copy writing cannot be done in isolation. It requires coordination with the designer, account manager, creative director, and the technical editors and a good copy writer is one who can work with a number of people. Their experience of working in a team is crucial. Therefore, if the answers to the questions listed above are yes, you are most probably in the right hands, so good luck with your copywriter.